[OSM-dev] finding OSM users by their home locations

Chris Jones rollercow at sucs.org
Sun May 31 17:37:28 BST 2009

On 31 May 2009, at 06:41, Russ Nelson wrote:

> The OSM webserver will tell you the ten people with home locations
> closest to your home location.  It would be useful to be able to get
> more than that, for the purpose of inviting people to attend mapping
> parties so they can become more effective and enthusiastic OSM
> contributors.  If you move your home location to the location of the
> mapping party, you can get ten people, and if you move it around some
> more, you can get more than just those ten.

Sounds evil... but less evil than your current method of spamming  
everyone who has edited something nearby.

Chris Jones, SUCS Admin

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