[OSM-dev] finding OSM users by their home locations

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Sun May 31 20:45:47 BST 2009

Tom Hughes wrote:
> Emilie Laffray wrote:
>> I guess it all depends on whether the users have accepted to make public
>> their location. I am not sure whether the site allows to decide whether
>> to make public or not your location.
> Well first of all we don't require anybody to give their location at 
> all, though some people might want to (as it becomes their default map 
> view when logged in) but not make it public.

This feature alone makes me wish there was a "remember me" checkbox,
since my laptop's always with me and nobody else uses it.

> I would suggest that we (a) add a new "reveal my location" preference 
> and then (b) add better features for browsing a map with users who have 
> chosen to reveal their location marked.

I'm in favor.

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