[OSM-dev] finding OSM users by their home locations

Michael Kugelmann MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de
Sun May 31 20:52:36 BST 2009

Tom Hughes schrieb:
> I would suggest that we (a) add a new "reveal my location" preference 
> and then (b) add better features for browsing a map with users who have 
> chosen to reveal their location marked
A better tool would be very fine. As the 10 persons are bit very much - 
especially in larger cities like Munich and under concern of the 
increasing number of people involved in OSM/mapping.

Very welcome would be a map based tool to see who is mapping in a 
certain area. You can achieve this by changing your location. But this 
trick is not the best way IMHO.

Best regards,

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