[OSM-dev] (no subject)

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Sat Sep 5 11:04:27 BST 2009

Tom Hughes wrote:
> If Potlatch is in live mode then each change is uploaded as it is
> made so just being in the same changeset does not mean it was uploaded
> at the same time.
Why is that live mode still there? Does this mode have such great 

>> b) maybe for the integrity check at database. Someone mentioned it
>> should prevent the deletion of nodes still in use.
> As I said, this is not something that can be checked at the database 
> level. The API should catch it though so if it doesn't then that is a bug.

So a bug should be filed against the api, right?
Can someone with a better understanding of the right behavior open a ticket?

Is there still a test server that could be used to reproduce the bug?


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