[OSM-dev] what server next?

Patrick Petschge Kilian osm at petschge.de
Tue Sep 8 08:02:41 BST 2009

Hi all,

> We have recently had: db (smaug new) (1), rails (sarel, norbert & draco.
> extra cpu) (2), tile (yevaud new), dev (errol new), xapi
> (fafnir. 2x300GB 10kRPM WD Raptor) (2), pg_namefinder (katie. 2x300GB
> 10kRPM WD Raptor) (2, 5), OSMF (Ridley. 2x750GB WD) (2) and soon wiki (?.
> HPDL360G4P,2xDualCPU2.8Ghz4MB,12GB,2x73GB 10kRPM, OOB iLO). (3)
> After all of that....
First of all: Thanks you (and all the other) for the work you put into it
to make the current setup work.

> What is next? What are we going to need next? Faster Web Frontend? Better
> Load-Balancing (with fuchur) (4), Faster api/map call?,
> something complete different something new?
Two ideas come to my mind: (ok, actually three)

The first one would be a (decently fast) OSMXAPI server. Since the 0.6 API
switch there seems to be a shortage of XAPI servers. If there was a
stable, fast and up to date XAPI server it would help lots of people and
it might reduce load on the main API.

The second one would be another tile server (say b.tile.. and d.tile...)
located network topologically far away. That should provide faster loading
time for many users and would be the first step towards a redundant setup.
Biggest problem is probably going to be hosting.

The third one would be a faster namefinder / geocoder. But that is most
likely not a server but a software issue. Perhaps one of the developers
could speak up how far there efforts have gotten and what kind of server
they would need.

Patrick "Petschge" Kilian

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