[OSM-dev] what server next?

Micha Ruh gnubold at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 22:09:58 BST 2009


2009/9/8 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>

> Your idea suffers from the fundamental problem that it only counts those
> having last touched an object.

No, it doesn't.  I thought of a mechanism to avoid that:

>Users adding  ways/pois get a score of 3 per way/poi added,
>users adding more tags to existing way/pois get a score-point of 1 for each
>Import sources get a 0.1 score-point per way/poi.

One could also think of more sophisticated factors to calculate
- initial creation: 3 score-point factor
- adding name: 2
- adding other tag: 1
- import sources: 0.1
- mass changes: 0.00001 / change
- bots: 0

What about a limit for score-point gaining per hour/day for a user?

* Of course, the score-point factors are subject to fine-tuning! They must
be adjusted, when one creates such a solution.

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