[OSM-dev] Keeping .osm database up-to-date

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 10 11:35:27 BST 2009

Richard Ive wrote:
> Sorry for being a noob, but what is the perpose of threading it though 
> osmosis using -rci. Why not run a cron that does ./osm2pgsql -a ../diff.ocm?

Osmosis --rci takes care of downloading and merging of diffs for you. 
Say your cron doesn't run for a while, for whatever reason. Osmosis 
remembers the last diff it downloaded, and will pick up where it 
stopped, merge all more recent diffs that it finds, and pipes that to 
osm2pgsql in one stream.

Say your diff import takes more than the time between your cron runs, 
and again, it's very handy that osmosis takes care of a lot of diff 
bookkeeping for you.


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