[OSM-dev] Keeping .osm database up-to-date

Richard Ive richard at xanox.net
Thu Sep 10 12:09:47 BST 2009

Oh wow. That sounds very useful.

only documentation available for this?

2009/9/10 Lennard <ldp at xs4all.nl>

> Richard Ive wrote:
> > Sorry for being a noob, but what is the perpose of threading it though
> > osmosis using -rci. Why not run a cron that does ./osm2pgsql -a
> ../diff.ocm?
> Osmosis --rci takes care of downloading and merging of diffs for you.
> Say your cron doesn't run for a while, for whatever reason. Osmosis
> remembers the last diff it downloaded, and will pick up where it
> stopped, merge all more recent diffs that it finds, and pipes that to
> osm2pgsql in one stream.
> Say your diff import takes more than the time between your cron runs,
> and again, it's very handy that osmosis takes care of a lot of diff
> bookkeeping for you.
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> Lennard
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