[OSM-dev] Request for help: libosmscout

Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Thu Sep 10 22:56:13 BST 2009


I had taken an increasing interest in the data and software side of
OpenStreetMap over the last half year, quickly resulting in some hacking
on data analysis, map drawing and routing, leading to a C++ library
which is already usable (but still far form complete) and is designed to
handle all the stuff some navigation software might need for backend.

To learn more about it, you can take a look (short video included) at:


Note that while this library has a frontend (my initial efforts
targeting to the Nokia N810), target is the library that can be used by
many backends on multiple platforms. I'm sure not the right person to
write a fancy frontend.

While I'm sure I will finish it someday in a state fitting my personal
needs (I'm satisfied with its progress), a better and quicker result
might be interesting for other people, too.

Because of that I would like to invite you joining development. If you
are interested in helping, do not hesitate to take a look, mail me,
subscribe (sourceforge needs some more hours to setup the mailing list)
or even hack the code... If in doubt, mail me, too, I do my best to
answer all your critical questions :-)

I'm looking for clever architects, algorithm junkies, library building
experts, OSM data experts, graphical wizards, users, testers etc...

I know that documentation is missing, code could be improved, more
features are required or existing ones beeing bulky and I'm possibly
lacking in-deep OSM knowledge but that should be seen a s a motivation
to join and can be fixed quickly if *you* help :-)

While you are now beeing overwelmed by this enthusiastic request for
help, I must hint that I'm in holiday for a ~10 days starting from the
16.9., so don't be suprised me not answering during this period.


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