[OSM-dev] Postgres 8.4/PostGIS 1.4 performance

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Sep 13 18:56:54 BST 2009


    I did a full (osm2pgsql) planet import on a standard Ubuntu Jaunty 
system and it took 1794 minutes. Then I upgraded to Postgres 8.4 
(backported from Karmic) plus PostGIS 1.4 (home-built package), and 
re-tried the import: 2028 minutes (that's 13% performance loss).

Can anybody confirm this measurement, or even suggest what the reason 
might be? I used the same postgres.conf for both databases. I noted that 
Postgres 8.4 produced 25% more data in the pg_xlog directory than 8.3 
did, could that hint at the reason for the difference?


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