[OSM-dev] This week's planet .osm

Jon Burgess jburgess777 at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 13 23:21:14 BST 2009

On Sun, 2009-09-13 at 16:37 +0100, Richard Ive wrote:
> Hey all,   Has anyone had any issue with this weeks planet dump?
> 090909   I've tried to rum an osm2pgsql import twice now and it's
> falled over at Relation 198k both times: 

Relation 198k is the end of the file. It sounds like you have
encountered some other error, like maybe running out of disk space when
the code commits the transaction and begins the index creation. Have you
checked the postgres log?

I ran the osm2pgsql code in the 'null' output mode and it seemed to
process the 090909 planet dump OK:

$ pbzip2 -dc planet-090909.osm.bz2 | osm2pgsql -O null -d foo -S /home/jburgess/osm2pgsql/default.style  -
Processing: Node(428597k) Way(32778k) Relation(198k)
Node stats: total(428597541), max(490311625)
Way stats: total(32778334), max(40477890)
Relation stats: total(198161), max(238137)


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