[OSM-dev] Tag-key with "?" in planet but not in API

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Tue Sep 15 13:25:22 BST 2009

> in the planet file there are some tags containing a "?" in the key,
> eg. in line 725579517
>   <node id="187690242" lat="49.2199004" lon="12.6700505"
> timestamp="2009-08-24T13:30:09Z" version="5" changeset="2243654"
> user="klausis" uid="85761"> <tag k="amenity" v="parking" />
>     <tag k="name??" v="Parkdeck?" />
>     <tag k="poi" v="vehicle.parking.garage" />
>   </node>

These aren't question marks. These are white space. A hexdump shows
6e 61 6d 65 09 0d
for the k-value, meaning "name", then a tab, followed by a CR. The second 
question mark is just a CR.

The characters are legal in both XML and the OSM format and do appear in the 
planet as well as in
But with the planet, your viewer seems to convert them for whatever reason to 
question marks. In case of the API, the whitespace characters in the HTML 
source code are ignored by your browser. This is intended by the specification 
of HTML.

Anyway, you can edit away the characters with Potlatch or just upload a 
corrected version with any other application (e.g. JOSM) via the API.



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