[OSM-dev] Tag-key with "?" in planet but not in API

Martin Lesser ml-osm-dev at bettercom.de
Tue Sep 15 19:48:07 BST 2009

Roland Olbricht <roland.olbricht at gmx.de> writes:

>> in the planet file there are some tags containing a "?" in the key,
>> eg. in line 725579517
>>   <node id="187690242" lat="49.2199004" lon="12.6700505"
>> timestamp="2009-08-24T13:30:09Z" version="5" changeset="2243654"
>> user="klausis" uid="85761"> <tag k="amenity" v="parking" />
>>     <tag k="name??" v="Parkdeck?" />
>>     <tag k="poi" v="vehicle.parking.garage" />
>>   </node>
> These aren't question marks. These are white space. A hexdump shows
> 6e 61 6d 65 09 0d
> for the k-value, meaning "name", then a tab, followed by a CR. The second 
> question mark is just a CR.

What did you hexdump?

*My* bunzip2'd planet-090909 does not show the bytes above (09 0d).
Instead a seek(52447596001) followed by a read(278) shows exactly
what I quoted before containing the 2 '?' [1]

> But with the planet, your viewer seems to convert them for whatever reason to 
> question marks.

I would not call `bzcat planet-090909.osm.bz2 | grep -A 4 'id="187690242"'` a
viewer ;-)

So the question remains what the reason for this transformation is and
whether this is intentional.


[1] Exactly at pos 52447596201 of the bunzip2'd planet.

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