[OSM-dev] "Deep History" App

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Sep 15 20:34:32 BST 2009


Ian Dees wrote:
> That's disappointing. Am I the only one that cares about this? With 
> permission I'd be happy to try and write something for the 
> openstreetmap.org <http://openstreetmap.org> site to make this feasible 
> and not kill the API frontend servers.

I am very much in favour of supplying, and periodically updating, a full 
OSM history dump. I think the main reasons why this is not being done 
currently are

(a) nobody wrote a program for it

(b) any program that does get written would have to be engineered in a 
clever way in order not to put too much strain on the data base and 
still produce something consistent

So my suggestion would be to write such a program an then campaign for 
it being used on openstreetmap.org. - Third party servers importing that 
data could then offer all sorts of APIs for history queries.


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