[OSM-dev] Footnav - new 3D project aimed at countryside users

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Sep 18 17:57:35 BST 2009

Hello Stefan,

>Your project is interesting. You seem to have done a lot of work.
>Can you provide some screenshots, so we can really see what you have 

Can do, though it's not that impressive at the moment: just wireframe 3D 
representations of landscape features from SRTM. OSM data is the next 
thing I want to add in, but it's not done yet.

>Can you build a download package for the files (just zip or tgz)? I know 
how to use svn, but maybe not everyone >who is interested in your project.

Sourceforge seems to do that automatically (if you go to the SVN page) but 
I can do. Maybe I'll wait until OSM data is supported, unless there is 
sufficient interest in what I've done already.

>You README file in SVN is really short. On which platform do you develop. 
Which OS do i need to compile >(Windows/Linux/MacOS)? 

Linux or Mac OS X should compile successfully, and I guess Windows with Qt 
and a MinGW environment would also work.


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