[OSM-dev] [ANNOUCEMENT] MapOSMatic: automatic generation of cities' map from OpenStreetMap data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 23 09:00:56 BST 2009


David MENTRE wrote:
> But we are working on world support. The change of scale (75 GiB of
> database, 9h to import a daily diff) has a bit surprised us. We are
> discovering that the OSM world is huge! ;-)

A daily diff should be doable in 3-4 hours on standard hardware. Maybe 
you can use some information from this thread:


Is Sylvain Letuffe involved in your project? I believe he might have 
some experience that could be useful to you.

If you find you cannot handle the whole planet, you could have a go at 
Europe (or in fact the "non-US planet") first, that gives you 80% less data.


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