[OSM-dev] Black Roads

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 29 22:55:19 BST 2009

Peter Körner wrote:

> It seems there are some bad rules in the mapnik styles for 
> highway=motorway_link / highway=motorway with bridge=yes.

Ah, the missing info in the original mail was that he rendered it 
himself. I went looking at osm.org for those black roads, but couldn't 
find them and assumed it was a fluke, and already fixed.

Richard, before you go on a quest to find those "bad rules in the mapnik 
styles", could you update your render toolchain* to the latest versions 
and then try again?

* osm2pgsql, default.style, osm.xml, mapnik

I predict that when you take a look in the postgresql logs, you'll see 
queries that have failed because of missing columns, or whatnot.


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