[OSM-dev] shp2osm.pl

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Tue Sep 29 23:00:20 BST 2009

Anthony schrieb:
> Tobias (I am also CCing this to the OSM dev mailing list),
> I am using your shp2osm.pl script to convert a shapefile from my 
> property appraiser's office.  In the output, I'm getting nodes and ways 
> that look like this:
 > ...
> As you can see, nodes -1 and -9 are identical.  Fine, I can write a 
> separate perl script to combine them.  But node -9 is being listed twice 
> in the way.  I looked at the code and found the culprit:
>     push @segs, seg_out $last_node, $first_node
>       if $first_node && $connect_last_seg;
> But I can't figure out quite why that's there or what it's meant to do.  
> My understanding is that the proper way for OSM purposes should be:
> ...
Yes, you're right.

> But I thought I'd check with you and the dev list to see if I'm perhaps 
> missing something.

I don't know, too, but I know that some others ran into this pit, too. 
They imported dozends of bad polys, like those here:


The BugBuster-Bot alreeady fixed the double-node-issue, but the issue 
that the start/end-nodes still persists.

Please, if you can, fix it! If you can, commit directly or post a patch 
otherwise! this is a major bug that *needs* to be fixed *fast*!

Thank you very much for finding (and hopefully fixing) it!


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