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Anthony osm at inbox.org
Wed Sep 30 00:07:34 BST 2009

Sorry if this is a duplicate, sending using my other email address which is
the one subscribed to the list...

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 6:00 PM, Peter Körner <osm-lists at mazdermind.de>wrote:

> Please, if you can, fix it! If you can, commit directly or post a patch
> otherwise! this is a major bug that *needs* to be fixed *fast*!

This needs to be reviewed.  I'm not really a perl guru, and some reference
magic is being done which I don't really understand.  Plus I'm new to OSM.
But I've attached a quick patch.

In the longer term, I'd like to merge nodes throughout the entire file when
they are duplicated in more than one polygon.  And I believe it has been
suggested to use boundary relations rather than polygons in cases where
there are a lot of overlapping boundaries.  But if someone with some
knowledge of perl and OSM looks this patch over, it should be enough to fix
the bug in the short term.

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