[OSM-dev] Black Roads

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Sep 29 23:18:25 BST 2009

Richard Ive wrote:
> Thanks for you help.
> I assume, as I have to re-install osm2pgsql, I will have to re-import 
> the planet.osm?

Only if your black roads are actually caused by missing columns in your 
db. Check your postgresql logs.

If it is caused by your mapnik being too old, and unable to handle the 
multiline SQL currently in osm.xml, you don't have to reimport the 
planet, but just update mapnik to release 0.6.1 or newer (svn). Newer 
mapnik versions are also more vocal about problems in the stylesheet, so 
I would recommend building from svn.


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