[OSM-dev] Period In Key Names: Will It Cause A Problem?

Lars Francke lars.francke at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 00:20:18 BST 2010

> Will a period in the key name for a tag cause a problem?

Generally: No.

You were asking about database problems: No problems at all in regards
to PostgreSQL. MongoDB is the only database I know that has problems
with dots in keys but you'd have to escape everything anyway, so no
problem there either.

> It is proposed in:
>  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Tag_structures

I'd disregard that page...but that's just my opinion.

> I would like to use it for some custom tags I am using, namely
> "name.prefix", and "name.full" (see below for context).  The idea is that
> ".prefix" and ".full" is closely tied to the primary "name" key, and not
> some other forms of name such as "alt_name".  If the properties applied to
> the "alt_name" key than "alt_name.prefix" will be used instead, etc.

I'd use name:full, name:prefix etc. for it. As far as I can tell it's
pretty much established practice and you'd make _at least_ my life
easier :)


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