[OSM-dev] filtering big changesets

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 7 08:38:34 BST 2010


Getting frustrated with paging through changeset histories full of big edits. 
For an area without frequent edits, I simply want to find the last small edits, 
and check out who is editing there (like in Swaziland, where I am now, or 
Jenin-Palestine, where someone wants to start a project). There's an easy 
technical fix for the filtering, can we do it?

I know it's important to note these big edits, just in case. Also I know Matt 
has been working on some solutions for this, to pinpoint only the relevant 
changesets. I also know about ITO, yup.

But right now, I just want to filter out the big changesets, sometimes. Make an 
option in the view, add a conditional in the controller. To make this efficient, 
add a new column 'area', calculated on changeset close, because right now this 
is calculated in the model. That would require a migration.

Support for this?


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