[OSM-dev] troubles importing osm data via osm2pgsql: skipping table creation, no function match, permission issue?

Christopher Stevens owntheweb at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 15:29:51 BST 2010

OS: Mac OSX 10.6

Terminal output:
$ time /usr/local/bin/osm2pgsql --slim -d gis
osm2pgsql SVN version 0.69-exported

Using projection SRS 900913 (Spherical Mercator)
Setting up table: planet_osm_point
NOTICE:  table "planet_osm_point" does not exist, skipping
NOTICE:  table "planet_osm_point_tmp" does not exist, skipping
SELECT AddGeometryColumn('planet_osm_point', 'way', 900913, 'POINT', 2 );
 failed: ERROR:  function addgeometrycolumn(unknown, unknown, integer,
unknown, integer) does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT AddGeometryColumn('planet_osm_point', 'way', 900913, ...
HINT:  No function matches the given name and argument types. You
might need to add explicit type casts.

Error occurred, cleaning up

real    0m0.190s
user    0m0.004s
sys    0m0.007s

Initial research suggested that my mac user didn't have proper
privileges. I ran this when setting up my user:
$ psql #reeived an error as I didn't specify a database (FATAL:
database "chris" does not exist), no biggie I think
$ createuser --superuser chris -U postgres

Then created the database:
$ createdb gis

Here's the list of databases and who owns them:
$ psql -l
        List of databases
   Name    |  Owner   | Encoding
 gis       | chris    | UTF8
 gisdata   | chris    | UTF8
 postgres  | postgres | UTF8
 template0 | postgres | UTF8
 template1 | postgres | UTF8
(5 rows)

I even tried importing data after the following:
sudo su  - postgres

No luck. Maybe it's not a permission issue, or I'm missing a step? Let
me know what you think. I appreciate the feedback.


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