[OSM-dev] Cartagen Knitter >> TMS, GeoTiff, can be used with JOSM

Jeffrey Warren warren at mit.edu
Tue Aug 10 03:17:10 BST 2010

yes, google maps is a reference design - the code accepts any TMS. I'm going
to add a few public domain options (USGS National Map is good within the US,
for example) and an arbitrary TMS/WMS input.

Though i do wonder if there's ownership precedent for derived
orthorectification... makes sense, but how would, for example, Yahoo feel
about it given that they've allowed tracing.

Of course you can also orthorectify against existing OSM data, which is the
default. Kind of chicken/egg, but it's basically allowing you to use a few
GPX traces or what have you as a basis for rectifying a much larger raster
dataset. Some people put big red X's on the ground before taking aerial
imagery, noting their coordinates for this purpose.

Paul, did you mean a place to store the aerial imagery itself within OSM? If
so, you might check out OpenAerialMap, which it seems folks are getting
ready to re-attempt.


On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 7:41 PM, andrzej zaborowski <balrogg at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 4 August 2010 15:14, Jeffrey Warren <warren at mit.edu> wrote:
> > Therefore you can now use aerial images from balloons or kites (or
> whatever!
> > slingshots!) to stitch a map, then export it for printing or import it
> into
> > many other geospatial tools. All in the browser, no plugins.
> > That last one, TMS, means you can now use the Slippy Map plugin for JOSM
> to
> > trace your aerial imagery and submit it to OpenStreetMap.
> Something that would be useful for OSM would be a way to add new
> background layers from a WMS or TMS url, maybe there is a way to do
> that that I missed.  I only see Google Maps layer using which will
> make your georeferenced imagery incompatible with OSM.  Another nice
> feature would be adding more control points on the edges of a picture
> or even in the middle (this would probably require splitting the pic
> canvas in four squares for each new gcp).
> Cheers
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