[OSM-dev] aviation maps?

Ákos Maróy akos at maroy.hu
Wed Aug 11 13:11:09 BST 2010


I'm new to OpenStreetMaps, and I'm not sure if this is the right forum
to ask questions about this topic.

I saw an initiative about airspace mapping here:

I wonder how aviation maps would be defined / managed / handled from a
technical perspective using the OpenStreetMaps framework. What are the
steps to make this happen?

Would some data structures need to be defined, as per the proposal page?

after that, would these need to registered somewhere? how would one
create map content? can the new data types be entered into a 'usual' OSM
map markup / creation tools like JOSM or Merkaartor?

how would map tiles be generated from such a map? where / how would one
store these?

would it be possible to create these as an overlay? so that one can put
a 'regular' OSM or other street map 'below' the aviation map? I'm
thinking that the aviation map would only contain the airspace
definitions, etc. and then a 'regular' map would be put underneath to
facilitate visual navigation..

I'm sorry to ask such basic questions, but I'm very new to
OpenStreetMaps in general.


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