[OSM-dev] aviation maps?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 11 13:33:46 BST 2010


Ákos Maróy wrote:
> I wonder how aviation maps would be defined / managed / handled from a
> technical perspective using the OpenStreetMaps framework. What are the
> steps to make this happen?

The general answer is you need someone to record the data (using 
appropriate tagging - no need to record that anywhere) and then someone 
else to make a map from that. OpenStreetMap will not magically make 
airspace maps but it will accept airspace data and others who want to 
make airspace maps can then use that data.

> after that, would these need to registered somewhere? how would one
> create map content? can the new data types be entered into a 'usual' OSM
> map markup / creation tools like JOSM or Merkaartor?

You are not creating new data types, just new tags. You can add new 
presets to these editors but you don't need to.

> how would map tiles be generated from such a map? where / how would one
> store these?

There are many techniques. Most people render map tiles with Mapnik and 
a combination of mod_tile and renderd or tirex. Read more on the wiki.

> would it be possible to create these as an overlay? so that one can put
> a 'regular' OSM or other street map 'below' the aviation map? I'm
> thinking that the aviation map would only contain the airspace
> definitions, etc. and then a 'regular' map would be put underneath to
> facilitate visual navigation.

Sure, you can create transparent tiles if you want.

In general, OSM tries to follow the "on the ground rule", i.e. we want 
to record stuff that can be easily seen and cross-checked by other 
mappers. Airspace tends to not fall in this category so it will be 
difficult. Also there is no compelling reason to have it in OSM as it 
will only rarely be related to other features (editing the airspace in 
your editor will usually not become easier because you already have the 
road grid or so).

All this really, in my opinion, speaks for a *separate* database that 
contains airspace. Do not stuff that into OSM; record it in an extra 
system, from which you can then create airspace tiles and overlay them 
over OSM maps.


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