[OSM-dev] aviation maps?

Julio Costa Zambelli julio.costa at openstreetmap.cl
Wed Aug 11 19:21:18 BST 2010

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 1:05 PM, Ákos Maróy <akos at maroy.hu> wrote:

> oh my :) well, let's leave the security skeptics for themselves. in
> general, aviation maps are as basic a necessity for safe transportation
> as road maps and road signs are. and they are freely available to
> anyone, who is willing to buy such maps - similarly to road maps.
I agree, and as I see this idea, you may take a look at the map when
you do not have your official charts folders with you, but later on
any IFR flight planning the regulations will force you to look into
the official maps.

As you said, you can plan your road trips with some online map, but at
the end you would still look at the road signs.

> sounds interesting. how would one then make this information visible on
> the generated map? is there a way to describe the rendering process so
> that such points are rendered in something what is 'usual' on an
> aviation map?

As Andy said, you can modify your Mapnik Style Sheet to show the tags
and data that you are interested in. Also, facing this necessity of
rendering multiple approach ways to an airport I think you may use the
OSM Transport (http://3liz.fr/public/osmtransport/index.php?country=Chile&location=Santiago)
scheme, multiple (maybe color codified) layers, that you can select
from a menu (probably dynamically generated depending on the area you
are looking at).

> I totally agree. for one thing, these do change, but the changes are
> published well in advance for everyone to prepare.
> OTOH, approach charts will be trick to handle, as there are several
> charts for the same area, depending on VFR or IFR approaches, or even
> depending on which approach one uses. thus this has to be handled a bit
> specially, as sort of 'a number of charts for the same, reasonably small
> area', of which only one should be shown at a time. moreover a
> 'recommended' zoom level and clipping / orientation is also desirable here.

Apply the OSM Transport idea here.

> thank you - most probably this would be a good way to go.
> what I still don't understand is, and sorry for being so
> un-knowledgable, is how the rendering process is handled - from
> vector-based OSM map definitions to map tiles.

Andy gave and will probably give better answers to this questions. I
do know that there is some magic involving osm2pgsql and then some
Mapnik magic to turn the DB data into tiles, but that is as deep as I
can explain it. I actually have no idea what kind of OpenLayers
configuration allow the OSM Transport guys to draw the bus/subway
lines and the bus stops/subway stations.

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