[OSM-dev] aviation maps?

Julio Costa Zambelli julio.costa at openstreetmap.cl
Thu Aug 12 00:46:05 BST 2010

The OSM Drone assembly process:

2010/8/11 Julio Costa Zambelli <julio.costa at openstreetmap.cl>:
> Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday I finally bought (here in
> Chile, after the company that was supposed to import other plane from
> the US failed to deliver) the plane for the OSM Drone
> (http://www.mirax.cl/detalles.php?codigo=89356).
> I will try to finish the assembly before the weekend to test it.
> I may upload some photos of my first RC plane assembly later today
> (once I get home).
> 2010/8/11 Julio Costa Zambelli <julio.costa at openstreetmap.cl>:
>> 2010/8/11 Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivan at sanchezortega.es>:
>>> Ooohh, complete with the "we claim this slice off Antarctica". You know that's
>>> ripe ground for edit wars, right? :-P
>> Off course ;)
>> It's kind of funny but I didn't knew that we actually control the
>> aerial space of our exact antarctic claim (53° to 90°) from Punta
>> Arenas, and till 131° from Eastern Island.

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