[OSM-dev] Getting timeout on changeset revert

Eric Wolf ebwolf at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 16:18:34 BST 2010

I'm trying to revert a changeset (#5393406) that contains 30,000 nodes. I'm
using revert.pl (currently in dryrun). After several minutes of processing,
the job errors out with

GET http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/changeset/5393406/download... 500
read timeout (17b)
changeset 5393406 cannot be retrieved: 500 read timeout

I dug around in the code, but can't see where to configure the timeout for
LWP (which I assume is being used by the Wiki). I'm assuming it's in
OsmApi.pm but can't seem to find code for that.

Any hints?


Eric B. Wolf                           720-334-7734
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