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> Am 15.08.10 17:14, schrieb Roeland Douma:
>  You could only allow for the query on high zoom leves. Since what good is
>> an
>> overlay of all restaurants on zoomlevel 11?
> That's the point!
> A level 11 restaurant search in Europe does not make much sense.
> But if I plan a bicycle trip in Laos it's very different.
> (I was very hungry in Laos)
> For a motorbike trip in Cambodia a level 8 search for
> tourism=hotel|guest_house
> gives usefull informations.
> If the querys for low zoomlevels are disabled the tool makes not much
> sense.
> If the querys are not disabled, the db can't handle the querys.
> XAPI does not use zoom level as a limit.  Any query is permitted.

There is a limit of 1 million elements for most queries.  There's also some
heuristics which prevent silly queries.
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