[OSM-dev] Announcing: Simple Map Editor (GSoC 2010)

Michael Daines michael at mdaines.com
Mon Aug 16 20:51:52 BST 2010


> Let me comment on the user interface:
> * It would be good to cancel the current operation if you click on the map or another object.

This is a possibility, however I was worried about lost data -- if the user clicks on the map or something else unintentionally, what is done about the element they were currently editing?

> * If you click an object far right, it is hidden by the dialog, which is kind of strange.

I've put in a fix for this, but it probably needs to be smarter -- now the size of the map is adjusted when the editing pane appears, and if the element is out of view, the map pans to that element. Instead, the map should move as little as possible.

One alternative might be to use popups. It's possible for me to make this change, but I went with just a simple "editing pane" for the time being to make things easier for me.

> * A highlighting on mouse-over would be very fancy.

I can try this -- I assumed it would be too expensive for hovering, though. (For hit-testing I use the distance of the click from the node or way's geometry to allow for inaccurate clicks, but maybe OpenLayers already has an optimized routine for what I'm doing and I didn't notice?)

> * Allow to click POIs that are part of a way.

This is already possible -- it's just that these nodes currently aren't recognized as "visible" by the editor's configuration.

> Another thing I noticed: It creates a new changeset for every operation. It should remember the changeset and add subsequent requests to it.

Good point -- I see reviewing the API docs that changesets close automatically. I did things this way because I thought it was "cleaner", and because I didn't want the user to have to decide when to close a changeset.

> I recommend you have a look at the JOSM presets. They are quite comprehensive have been actively maintained for a long time.

I'll have a look. My original intent was to have the editor interface be "curated" -- this is why the editing forms are all in HTML. I didn't quite get as far as writing help for each tag, though, as in this mockup:


-- Michael

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