[OSM-dev] Search is not working on own map

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Thu Aug 19 19:51:25 BST 2010

Parveen Arora wrote:
>  now i have write here only one url in the file, and have insert the ${y}
> But Still not working,

You should not blindly copy easymap, alter it and then wonder why it's 
not working.

Your Javascript is malformed. This error pops up the moment you load the 

That string is not terminated:

But even then: You don't have tiles served at this address.

The URL is there originally multiple times to cope with the connection 
limit in browsers.

Are you sure you want your own tiles?

In your page you are referring to style.css. This is missing as well.

You might consider starting with some easy example and then step by step 
move forward.


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