[OSM-dev] database growth on updated partial import

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Mon Aug 23 23:42:26 BST 2010

For the bilingual map rendering I imported only a small area of the 
planet defined by a bounding box.

This is updated using the minute replication.

Now the database is growing by apx. 1.5GB each week.

Autovacuum is on

It seams to be planet_osm_ways growing. It also contains lots of ways 
that are completely outside the bounding box.

Is this a fundamental problem? A bug in osm2pgsql or a misconfiguration 
on my side?

This is used for the update:

osmosis -q --rri --bc --simc --bc --write-xml-change "-" | osm2pgsql -s 
-a --hstore -b $BBOX -e 15 -o expire.list -

Would it be safe to delete rows with geometry outside the bounding box? 
Or is this conflicting with the update?


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