[OSM-dev] database growth on updated partial import

Steve Singer ssinger_pg at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 23 23:38:47 BST 2010

On Tue, 24 Aug 2010, Stephan Knauss wrote:

> For the bilingual map rendering I imported only a small area of the planet 
> defined by a bounding box.
> This is updated using the minute replication.
> Now the database is growing by apx. 1.5GB each week.
> Autovacuum is on

> Would it be safe to delete rows with geometry outside the bounding box? Or is 
> this conflicting with the update?

How many rows lie outside of your geometry box?

This will tell you if it's an issue with osm2pgsql not respecting the 
bounding box or a possible postgresql vacuum issue.

Also what version of postgreql are you on? Frederik mentioned the 
max_fsm_pages that parameter should be checked in 8.3 but is no longer 
needed (does not exist) in 8.4

If it is a vacuum issue knowing what the other values for the vacuum_* and 
autovacuum_* parameters are might be useful to know.  For example it is 
possible to configure your autovacuum naptime so high that vacuum can't do 
enough work before sleeping to keep up.


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