[OSM-dev] OpenGeoData scripting help needed

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Mon Feb 8 15:35:06 GMT 2010


I need some help moving opengeodata from wordpress to posterous. I'm finding wordpress a PITA for many reasons and posterous is a pleasure.

Posterous will import from wordpress, and it's done this. The problem is, all the links in posts to images and mp3s which are hosted by wordpress remain in place. All those assets need to be grabbed and thrown on to flickr, or whatever, so the new blog can successfully link to them.

Posterous have this as a feature to add some day, but given all the clever people here... Does anyone want to write a little script to talk to the posterous API, parse the posts for HTML links which are hosted and then grab them and ship them to flickr or whatever and update the link?

It would be super useful.

Yours &c.


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