[OSM-dev] Mirroring OpenStreetMap

Ian Monroe imonroe at kde.org
Mon Feb 8 17:45:47 GMT 2010

I'm going to talk tomorrow with the director of WiderNet, which has an
eGranary Digital Library project that mirrors websites on to hard
disks and sends them to schools and hospitals in the developing world
(mainly Africa) which have slow or no Internet. So currently the
eGranary is 2 terabytes containing Wikipedia, opencourseware, books
etc. My thought was that OpenStreetMap would be a great addition to
it. And OSM really has more to offer Africa then anywhere else due to
lack of commercial maps on the web.

I volunteered to perhaps implement this because I have the technical
skills in general to be able to set it up, but not because I know much
about OSM technology in particular. :) I'm finding the resources on
rendering a bit hard to get into.

Right now the important question is the feasibility. How big is a
fully rendered OpenStreetMap? Or would it make more sense to render

Ian Monroe

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