[OSM-dev] JOSM links in tagstat

Patrick Petschge Kilian osm at petschge.de
Tue Feb 9 15:13:21 GMT 2010

> Who is responsible for Tagstat?
I am.

> It would be helpful if tagstat would provide links to JOSM of the form
> http://localhost:8111/import?url=[url_to_xapi] next to the XAPI
> links.  With the remotecontrol plugin JOSM then loads that URL
> automatically. This would eliminate a couple of steps when loading
> stuff into JOSM.

Shouldn't be hard and sounds resonable enough. I'm quite busy at the
moment so you either have to wait a week or two, or send me a patch
relative to the source of tagstat. It can be found in SVN. If you want to
update the SVN directly that's fine with me too, in that case poke me when
you have landed to code. I'll then update the tagstat instance on

Patrick "Petschge" Kilian

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