[OSM-dev] OSM front page design concept

Stefan Breunig stefan at mathphys.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de
Sun Feb 21 11:17:03 GMT 2010

> http://opengeodata.org/new-design-concept-for-openstreetmaporg

Hello everyone,

I agree with Steve that the current design is neither the most beautiful
nor best UI I've seen. While I like new design better, I believe it
elides some of the core issues which are being extendible and having a
central place for extra stuff.

For example, the search result currently pop up left of the map which is
a sensible thing to do. In the mockup, feedback is presented as layer-ad
which I strongly believe sucks UI wise, but that's another rant. Maybe
routing will be integrated, or a feature that allows to customize your
map with stars and pink ponys. It might be useful to adjust the map
while doing something else, e.g. filling a map bug report.

While removing overload right at the start, it's good to have something
in petto. Otherwise stuff might be put /anywhere/ even if it's not
sensible (e.g. why is "Diaries" a tab, but "Map Key" is not?).

While at it OpenLayers' handling of different map styles should be
integrated into this central place instead of the additional zoom button
in the upper right corner. Same for perma/shortlink, although these
should be implemented like Yahoo does (it changes the anchor part of the
current URL, allowing normal browser functions like bookmarking properly).

And last but not least: The feedback button feels out of place and it's
hard to read. When looking at the (full) mockup I first read "facebook"
and it didn't occur to me I misread until I read Steve's post. If we
want feedback from user's that normally wouldn't do this, the button
should be very easy to see and read.


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