[OSM-dev] Need special data extracts

Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Sun Feb 21 18:18:34 GMT 2010


> Because of you "Gruß", I guess you are speaking german. Try:

Yes (Bonn) :-) 

> http://www.geofabrik.de/data/download.html

This as far as I know does not give me the required information. It contains 
extras of the planet.osm by country (and partly smaller). So if I want the 
position of all capital cities of all countries of the world I still need to 
download all extras of all countries (which in turn should sum up to the 
size of the planet.osm itself). 

Also Wiki claims that coastline is currently not trustable (because it is 
not detailed enough (which is not my problem) and because it is possibly not 
a closed border at all (because it is still not finished and because it 
sometimes breaks). If the coastline is closed and I can only get a file for 
the coastline (without the rest) and this file is "small", I could however 
reduce details myself... 


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