[OSM-dev] Need special data extracts

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 21 19:48:51 GMT 2010


Tim Teulings wrote:
> Searching the web I found natural earth data, which offers most of this, but 
> since I would like to use OpenStreetMap data and in fact it in another 
> project already used it I would like to get my data from OSM if possible. 

Use the Natural Earth data, really. It is truly free, the quality is 
good, and best of all, it comes already simplified. If you were to use 
OSM, you'd get all the country borders in much higher resolution than 
you need. Even the country borders of Europe alone will be more than you 
can easily handle.

> Are there existing exports that already contain above data and are much 
> smaller than planet.osm? Is there another (simple) way to get parts of above 
> data? 

You're really only making things (much) harder for you if you use OSM. 
It is doable but not if you say the planet file is already too much for 
you to handle.


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