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we are currently trapping for nodes and ways that are participating in a relation and the user is presented with a message like "You are about to change a relation. Are you really, really sure that you want to continue?". We are not just modifying the relation without letting the user know.

I might to change the wording on the documentation - that editing of relations (create, modify, and delete) is currently not possible. That fact you can modify and delete relations is probably secondary in nature as there is no "easy" editing experience for relations at this release. Something that would need  to be added in the future. The hooks are certainly in place to do that but the user interface is not there.

As far as (bulk) imports are concerned that functionality is missing as well (intentionally). As Lennard mentioned one should be careful to just take a shapefile and hit import. We would like to know if import capability is of  interest and why. Just the fact that you want to upload your county's parcel data is not enough - or maybe it is, I don't know. If users are interested in doing so we will add a tool in  the future.

- Thomas
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There was a couple of other threads on other lists about this:


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