[OSM-dev] PBF parsing frontend for osm2pgsql, tester wanted

Hartmut Holzgraefe hartmut at php.net
Mon Nov 1 17:27:05 GMT 2010

On 11/01/2010 05:28 PM, Dane Springmeyer wrote:

>> PS: as the code is already a mix of C and C++ files it might make
>>     sense to convert the parser, middle and out "plugin" interfaces
>>     to C++ classes as well?
> +1 on pure C++. I assume we'd only need the protobuf C++ headers then, instead of both the c++ and c?

yes, and that the C++ protobuf C++ stuff is way more mature than its C
counterpart is an additional advantage ...

> I Tested on mac os x and it compiles just fine. I've not actually used it yet due to the same error that sven reported:
> Using projection SRS 4326 (Latlong)
> Input parser `libxml2' not recognised. Should be one of [xml2, primitive, pbf].

My fault, i was not consistent in naming things "xml2" or "libmxl2" and
did not notice that i had screwed up the default as i had only tested
with explicit --input-reader=... settings.

"osm2pgsql --input-reader=xml2 ..." will provide the default behavior
for now, the source branch on launchpad already has things fixed ...

> In terms of the 'make install' step I noticed I now get a large message:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Libraries have been installed in:
>     /usr/local/lib/osm2pgsql
 > [...]

this is a message generated by libtool which was not used earlier

> ... which looks like the gazetteer:
> $ ls /usr/local/lib/osm2pgsql/
> gazetteer.la	gazetteer.so
> The big bold output message is an OS X thing, but it is new. Was the gazetteer previously compiled by default?

as far as i remember it wasn't, now it is if the necessary postgresql
dev stuff needed for building it is found by configure


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