[OSM-dev] PBF parsing frontend for osm2pgsql, tester wanted

Jon Burgess jburgess777 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 22:16:53 GMT 2010

On Mon, 2010-11-01 at 00:02 +0100, Hartmut Holzgraefe wrote:
> I've extended osm2pgsql to dynamically support different parsing
> frontends and added direct .pbf reading support which is roughly
> based on code heavily inspired by from pbf2osm
> Changes in this branch over osm2pgsql trunk include:
> * configure now properly checks requirements
> * libxml2 based and primitive xml parsing are now both supported
>    by the default build
> * additional frontend for reading .osm.pbf files
> The reading frontend can be selected using the --input-reader=...
> (or -r) command line option. Possible values are 'xml2' (default),
> 'primitive' or 'pbf'.
> The current protobuf-c-0.14 is required to build, older versions
> will not work. Building without PBF support is not possible yet,
> but is on my Todo list.
> Current source is available as
>    http://php-baustelle.de/osm2pgsql-0.70.2.tar.gz
> and a bazaar branch repository is available at
>    https://code.launchpad.net/~hartmut-php/+junk/osm2pgsql-autotools
> So far the status is "works for me" only so i'd like to get some
> testing feedback ...
> PS: as the code is already a mix of C and C++ files it might make
>      sense to convert the parser, middle and out "plugin" interfaces
>      to C++ classes as well?

Thanks for working on these changes, both the enhancements look like
very useful changes. I took a quick look at the 0.70.3 version and the
changes generally look good although I haven't tried the PBF support

Does "protobuc-c" exist or is this a typo?

protobuc-c >= 0.14: no

./m4/ax_lib_protobuf_c.m4:      AC_MSG_RESULT([protobuc-c >= $protobuf_c_wanted_version: $protobuf_c_version_ok])

I'm personally not too bothered about the code being in C or C++, it
might make more sense for the pbf code to use the C++ if that is more
stable and better supported. Only the C++/Java/Python interfaces are in
the current Fedora protobuf packages. 


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