[OSM-dev] OSM Mapnik Fonts are Nonsense

Lennard ldp at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 2 22:12:51 GMT 2010

On 2-11-2010 22:14, maw269 at gmail.com wrote:

> 1. I have created a myOSM.xml stylesheet from the osm.xml template using:
> generate_xml.py osm.xml myOSM.xml --dbname osm_planet --accept-none
> --password pw --host localhost --port 5432 --user postgres

There is usually no need to generate a local copy of the osm.xml 
stylesheet. Generating a local copy includes all files from the inc/ 
directory into a single (monolithic) stylesheet file, but also means 
that every time that we update the stylesheet in svn, you have to rerun 
generate_xml.py in this way.

If you omit the "osm.xml myOSM.xml" part from your generate_xml.py call, 
it will only create 3 files in the inc/ directory based on the .template 
files there. You then point your tile generating script to osm.xml as 
the stylesheet. Updating the stylesheet is then also as easy as running 
svn up.

Did you read somewhere that you had to generate a local copy? Earlier 
versions of the most-used blog about setting up a mapnik rendering stack 
(hi rweait! :)) told you to do that, but I think that got corrected 
after pointing this out.

> 4. I then went to C:\mapnik-0.7.1\inc\fontset-settings.xml.inc and
> uncommented the unifont lines as such:

That's fine.

> 5. I then opened the myOSM.xml and noticed that it only had listed the
> DejaVu fonts at the top. I then added the unifonts as such:

And that's not surprising, for the reason I already mentioned: you 
generated a single file based on osm.xml and everything in inc/, and any 
changes you made after generate_xml.py didn't make it into your myOSM.xml.


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