[OSM-dev] tiles and OSM rails port

Jose Cid doncid at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 15:59:24 GMT 2010

Hello everyone,

If anyone is so inclined, could you post onto the OSM wiki a page with 
the following files:

If you have successfully installed OSM rails port, mapnik, mod_tile, and 
nominatim the following would be helpful to the community:


* The vhost entry to apache

* renderd.conf
- With some explanation of the "URI" component in the file as it relates 
to the OSM rails port (looking to see what changes need to be made to 
rails port so that it will work with the local renderer -- ie. 

- I am also interested in knowing if the "XML" component in the file is 
_ONLY_ concerned with the "osm.xml" file (or "osm-local.xml" file) and 
nothing else in the directory where the file is located.

- The "tile_dir" is commented with the following "DOES NOT WORK YET". 
Does the comment still apply? If so, what replaced it? Any other file 
that needs to be modified to indicate the path -- eg render_config.h

2. OSM Rails Port

* What needs to be done ( changes to config files/scripts etc. ) to the 
rails port so that it would use the local renderer.

* What needs to be done to the rails port so that it would use the local 


* I've installed MAPNIK using YAST. When I looked into the SVN tree for 
mapnik (svn.mapnik.org) I've noticed that there is a "www" folder. Of 
what use is that folder?

* In the SVN "svn.openstreetmap.org" there is also a "mapnik" folder. 
This folder contains the python scripts for generating the tiles/images. 
My question is, what modules use the utilities/scripts in this folder?

Still navigating my way into the OSM world...

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