[OSM-dev] Multilingual Maps Overlays

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 01:02:21 GMT 2010

Ok; I'm getting it slowly... But still have definition problems.


Is this example correct (especially "name:gsw=Schdroosburi")?
What about the loc_name: Is there there no loc_name or is it
"loc_name=Schdroosburi" too?

My problem is still loc_name's definition. I would define it as
follows: "loc_name is the name of a feature known as by the local
population which does not have the same etymology (history and origin
of the word). loc_name is in contrast to the official name ("name"
tag) and in contrast to the local pronounciation of the respective
official name (which is covered by namespaced name tags like e.g.

Here is another example: There are two small towns, Nottwil and
Buchrain (about 5000 inhabitants). They are called in Swiss German
"Nottu" and "Bueri" (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchrain_LU ).
"Bueri" seems to be very different to "Buchrain" but shares the
etymology. Therefore:

(no loc_name needed)

=> Agreed?  -S.

2010/11/4 "Marc Schütz" <schuetzm at gmx.net>:
> (re-added CC to list)
>> Thanks for the interesting discussion. I know it's a astonishingly
>> borderless topic (see [1]).
>> What I still have in mind is to be able to produce a map with local
>> names (i.e. for preserving cultural heritage).
>> So I think it's time to summarize:
>> * As far as I understand, I have to take loc_name (like
>> <loc_name:gsw="Züri">) besides of course <name="Zürich">.
> As I said, I disagree with this interpretation. In my opinion the correct tagging for Zürich would be:
> name=Zürich
> name:gsw=Züri
> An example for loc_name would be Luxembourg City, whose Luxembourgish name is "Lëtzebuerg", but which is called "d'Stad" (the city) by its inhabitants, both names being in Luxembourgish, of course. So the tagging would be:
> name=??? (don't know, because there are three official languages)
> name:lb=Lëtzebuerg
> name:fr=Luxembourg
> name:de=Luxemburg
> loc_name=d'Stad (or alternatively loc_name:lb)
>> * I think the wiki page Key:name [2] should be enhanced with more
>> definitions and examples.
>> * And I think [3] should at least mention loc_name somewhere in the text.
>> Yours, S.
>> [1] For those who can read german: Here is a large source of
>> information about geonames:
>> http://www.gis.hsr.ch/wiki/Lokalnamen.ch
>> [2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:name
>> [3] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Multilingual_names
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