[OSM-dev] Is there a way to use simple schema without hstore

Andreas Kalsch andreaskalsch at gmx.de
Fri Nov 19 08:58:02 GMT 2010

One simple answer: The drivers do not work appropriately with complex SQL data types. In PHP or 
node.js I will get a string that I have to parse, in MongoDB, I get a proper object or list. If I 
used hstore in a consequent way (I like consequence and unification), I would have sets in sets, and 
this is the same as a document oriented database.
But just intermingling things for fun does not make the world better.
MongoDB, for example, unifies worlds by simply using JSON. I don't have to manually parse things I 
do not need to parse.

Am 19.11.10 09:47, schrieb Sven Geggus:
> Andreas Kalsch<andreaskalsch at gmx.de>  wrote:
>> I think it is not a good idea to use hstore because then we can drop SQL,
>> use NoSQL for storing data and use PostGIS/Postgres for Geometry only.
> In the real world there is no black and white! Shure, hstore is comparable
> to NoSQL aproaches, but why should it be a bad thing to use a best of both
> worlds aproach?
> Sven

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