[OSM-dev] Is there a way to use simple schema without hstore

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Sat Nov 20 01:09:55 GMT 2010

Hmm, I've given all of this a bit more thought.  Perhaps there is a need for
a "simple" schema that is easy for people to populate and utilise.  I'm
quite happy with hstore, but it's not as simple for those familiar with
basic SQL.

The original reason I created the so-called simple schema was to support
improved bounding box functionality because I couldn't do it via flat files
efficiently.  It was called "simple" because I was also working on a full
history schema that I never found time to complete.  My intent has always
been to optimise for accurate bounding box query performance and not
simplicity so the name is something of a misnomer.

Anyway, perhaps I should re-instate the old tasks and run them alongside the
new ones.  I'll have to re-think the naming of these tasks and schemas.
Perhaps "simple" and "snapshot" or something ...

But I don't know when I'll get to do this.  I'm very time poor at the

On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 11:47 AM, Brett Henderson <brett at bretth.com> wrote:

> Please keep in mind that the one and only reason I've switched to hstore is
> performance.  It has nothing to do with any perceived improvements in schema
> design or adherence to an alternative data storage philosophy.  It most
> certainly wasn't done for fun ;-)  I only switched after spending many days
> trying alternate ways of indexing the database, waiting (in some cases for
> several days) for full index builds to occur, and re-running benchmarks to
> measure improvements.  It was an incredibly tedious and frustrating
> experience that I only continued with in order to make the database scale
> more effectively to planet sized datasets.
> Brett
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