[OSM-dev] Data source for robot

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Tue Oct 12 18:05:33 BST 2010

>> of course, the best thing is that these automated edits never happen
>> at all, instead that tools are provided (like the geofabrik inspector,
>> keep-right or the duplicate nodes map) to help the community fix these
>> errors themselves. we need to start cracking down on these disruptive
>> and counter-productive bots.
> The duplicate nodes map is not the best example of this. People have 
> sometimes
> jumped in and done heavy edits not based on local knowledge.

  Exactly - the edits I have seen will join highways to power lines, 
pipelines, and admin boundaries just because nodes happened to be nearby.

>A bot that joined
> roads to other roads (and only to other roads) at county boundaries would
> actually be more constructive as we could then add a notice that this 
> issue
> with TIGER roads has been fixed completely.

  I still maintain that this must be a manual operation.   Even in the 
simplest case of a road continuing across a county boundary, the road 
doesn't always meet.    The more complex but more common case is of "county 
line" roads.    The road will appear in county A, county B, or both, 
depending on local rules, street configuration, and varying along the 
border.   Resolving this is a manual operation to decide which road to use 
for reference, deleting the duplicate, then stitching the roads together.

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