[OSM-dev] Renderd + expire_list

Samir Faci (Dev) dev at esamir.com
Mon Oct 18 16:10:00 BST 2010

I'm having some issues with the expire_list method.  I wanted to run
this by everyone and see if there's anything I"m doing that's
obviously wrong.

I downloaded 48 hours of changes using osmosis which generated a
changes.osc file.

1.) write the changes to the database.

osm2pgsql -U osmuser  -H localhost -d gis   -e10 -o
/tiles/sandbox/expire.list --append --slim  /OSMbin/osmosis/change.osc

Everything looks good so far.

2.)  Now, at this point ideally, I'd like to just re-render the tiles
in my expire.list.

my usual command would be something like this:

cat  /tiles/sandbox/expire.list  | render_expired  -v -all
--socket=/var/run/renderd/renderd.sock   --min-zoom=10 --max-zoom=13

which issues a lot of warnings about:  tile being "already requested"

Looking at the output of renderd in the foreground shows me that no
tiles are being rendered.

I was following/reading the
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tile_expire_methods as a reference.

as far as I can tell there are 2 options

--touch-from (touch instead of render )   which I don't believe is
what I want, but also complains about "already requested"
--delete-from (delete instead of render) which is definitely not what I want..

and the last option is the default behavior which is not working.

I should be on svn r23377
(git:f68f5dee3f50eaf12a6f7efbdcb9a6a9dda800b6 ) of mod_tile   , I can
try to update to latest commit but it seems like it should be working.

Any thoughts?

Samir Faci
*insert title*
fortune | cowsay -f /usr/share/cows/tux.cow

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